Congress rally is a big flop, everybody knows it: Cpt. Ganesh Karnik

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Mangalore, April 5: “Congress and its prince Rahul Gandhi are holding flop shows, they repeat the same stuff every time they go on stage,” said Cpt. Ganesh Karnik at a press conference held at BJP office here in Mangalore.

Speaking to media persons he said, “congress says that there is no Modi effect, but they really lack the common sense to recognize what Modi effect actually is. Nehru Maidan and its adjacent roads were crowded when Modi was here, people came to see and listen to what the leader has to say, but there were no much people to see or listen to Rahul.”

“Congress leaders did not speak anything useful, they just taunted Modi and BJP, but Modi in his rallies speaks about development. Here in mangalore he spoke about five T’s, being Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade and Technology. He doesn’t speak about vague topics like these congress people,” Karnik said. The crowd started leaving in middle of Rahul’s speech, but crowd styed till end to listen to Modi, this itself says who is the real leader, added Karnik.

It was said that on Tuesday, April 8, Modi will attend a rally in Chikkamagaluru and Kasargod. He will land in Mangalore airport, it is learnt.

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