Flash mob entertains mob at city centre

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Mangalore: On Sunday, March 30 super souls volunteers out of nowhere to strut their stuff, busting out moves and entertained people in City Centre Mall, Mangalore.

City_Center_Pics_2 City_Center_Pics_3

The event was a part public voter awareness programme. It started with a flash mob and followed by a street play that briefed public about super souls team & importance of voting and an art from Prasad art gallery students & Varnodhar.

City_Center_Pics_4 City_Center_Pics_5 City_Center_Pics_6 City_Center_Pics_7

Vishwas Moily, owner of VM customs said, It has been fantastic, and it is a great cause.


They were joined by Team infinity, Iklick photography, students of various colleges and Staffs of Cineplois.

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