Fight at ‘Mega Fight’, party members violent

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Mangalore, Mar 27: There was an open discussion organized by a Kannada news channel at Nehru Maidan here on Thursday March 27. The discussion was between leaders of different parties which later turned to be chaotic after a fight broke out between Congress and BJP activists following a question on RSS chief Dr Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

The ‘Mega Fight’ programme was organized by Suvarna News channel. Ramanath Rai from Congress, Capt. Ganesh Karnik from BJP, M R Vasudeva from AAP and Yadav Shetty from CPI (M) participated in the debate.

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After the leaders spoke, the session was thrown open for questions from the audience. The first three questions and answers went on smoothly. Trouble erupted at the fourth question, reportedly asked by a Social Democratic Party of India activist. Addressing his question to Ramanath Rai, he asked, “You have been promising to arrest Kalladka Bhat but so far have not taken any action. You are cheating the minorities.”

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At this, Congress and BJP started shouting slogans and one person, reportedly from the Bajrang Dal, demanded to know why he wanted to bring religious issues into a political debate. Congress members came to the defense of the SDPI member and said he had a right to ask the question. This led to further arguments, and chaos and confusion broke out in no time. A person said to be from SDPI, picked up a handful of mud and threw at another person’s face which further escalated the situation.

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The police rushed to control the mob and resorted to lathi charge. Finally, the programme was called off and after much exchange of words and physical brawl, the mob dispersed.

Clash erupts between political leaders during television programme show

Mangalore, Mar 28: A clash erupted after a verbal fight took place between leaders and members of various political parties during a television programme organised an open discussion private news channel Suvarna TV at Nehru Maidan on March 27, Thursday.

Ramanath Rai from Congress, Capt Ganesh Karnik from BJP, M R Vasudeva from AAP and Yadav Shetty from CPI (M) were part of the debate.

The siuation turned violent, when an SDPI activist from the audience questioned District in Charge minister Ramanath Rai regarding the arrest of Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat not done despite of his promise to do so. Immedietely  Bajrang Dal activists were present on the spot objected to the question, since it is not related to the political debate. Soon the wnet out of control Congress, BJP and SDPI activists abusing each other.

The police rushed to the spot and resorted to lathi charge to control the mob.

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