Once a cavalier of Modi now a candidate of AAP

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Mangalore, Mar 22: M.R. Vasudev who is now the Lok sabha candidate for D.K. district was seen taking part in a program conducted to support the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, this happened few days prior to the entry of Vasudev into AAP party.

It is learnt that, M.R. Vasudev was a supporter of Modi and a chief addresser at ‘Arthakranti’ a program initiated by Namo Brigade at Mangalore. AAP Leader Robert Rosario is of opinion that, “party shouldn’t accept the candidature of M.R. Vasudev, it is a misfortune that a person who supported Modi is the Lok sabha candidate for D.K.”

The whole procedure of getting M.R. Vasudev into AAP party was not transparent, it was done in a hush hush manner and the procedure was not according to AAP constituency. We have submitted all the necessary documents regarding this, now the decision has to be taken by the party, added Robert Rosario.

Responding to the allegation, M.R. Vasudev stated, “I was not a member of any party before I got into AAP, so when I was invited to such programs I dint mind participating. I have not praised Mr. Modi in any of my statements. People who don’t support me as AAP candidate should stop spreading rumours about me.”

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