PA students’ agitation turns Violent, management concedes

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Mangalore, Mar 20: The second agitation by the students of PA College against the management on Wednesday March 19 turned violent and the police had to resort to lathi charge to disperse the protesters.


The college dismissed Abdul Rehman, the student welfare officer in response to the agitation.

The students had boycotted their classes on March 15 protesting against lack of basic facilities, inferior quality of food and mistreatment by student welfare officer. The management had assured of suitable action before March 19. The students had gone back to the classes following the assurances.

PA_Colg_Protest_3 PA_Colg_Protest_4

It was decided to remove Abdul Rehman from the post and appoint him as the principal of the Diploma wing. However, the students demanded that he be removed from the post of principal also and pasted handbills from the main entrance to the college building demanding his termination.

PA_Colg_Protest_5 PA_Colg_Protest_6

When the students started pelting stones, Konaje police resorted to mild lathi charge and drove away the protesting students out of the college premises. However, the students did not stop and they damaged the name board of the college and window panes of security guard’s booth by pelting stones. They also assaulted the videographer who was recording the protest for the police.

PA_Colg_Protest_7 PA_Colg_Protest_8

Some students were injured in the second lathi charge. The students stood out for two hours shouting slogans. KSRP police team was called.

PA_Colg_Protest_9 PA_Colg_Protest_10

The ACP who arrived at the place tried to pacify the students. However, the students refused to stop their agitation until Abdul Rehman was removed.

PA_Colg_Protest_11 PA_Colg_Protest_12 PA_Colg_Protest_13 PA_Colg_Protest_14 PA_Colg_Protest_15 PA_Colg_Protest_16 PA_Colg_Protest_17 PA_Colg_Protest_18

The ACP held discussions with the management and it was decided to relieve Abdul Rehman of all the posts. The students called off the agitation after R J D’ Souza announced the decision

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