Brahmavar: Broad daylight robbery by breaking into house; properties worth lakhs of rupees stolen

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(photo for illustration only)

Brahmavar; March 14: A case of thieves barged into the house by breaking the lock in broad daylight when nobody was present in the house, robbed and decamped with the gold, silver jewelry worth around Rs 2 lakh along with cash was reported from Barakoor in Kucchur village.

It was said that on March 13, Thursday morning between from 10.45 am to 12.45 pm, thieves entered into the house of Barakoor John Picardo by breaking the lock of front door and  by opening three cupboards, one wooden cupboard, robbed and decamped with  gold jewelry worth around Rs 2 lakh along with ten thousand rupees in cash.

According to the complaint lodged in Brahmavar police station, one gold karimani chain weighing 3 3/4 pawan,one god necklace with coral pendent weighing 1 ¾ pawan and 4 bangles weighing 6 pawans were included in the stolen gold jewelry.


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