Uchila: Gold ornaments theft case in Mahalingeshwara temple; Successful Uchila Bandh

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Uchila; March 14: Although accused has openly confessed about the stolen gold ornaments worth more than Rs 50 lakhs, of Mahalingeshwara temple, district administration is hesitating to register criminal case against the accused. Opposing this attitude of district administration Uchila has observed a total successful Bandh on March 13, Thursday.

It was said that with regard to Uchila Mahalingeshwara temple’s gold ornaments theft case all the shops owners in Uchila have co-operated by participating in the bandh including rickshaw, car drivers.

It is further said that except bank, medical, school and government offices all have participated in Bandh. Even local Jayakarnataka establishment and other number of local organizations have extended their support for the Bandh.

On the occasion, Chandrashekar Shetty, a local while speaking said that whole village knows that temple’s priest and hereditary   trustee U.Ganesh Bhat has openly acknowledged that he has given temple’s gold ornaments worth millions of rupees to his friend Nagaraja Bhat. However concerned department is retreating to register criminal charges against the accused bowing to some pressure. Opposing this approach of the department, Uchila villagers have voluntarily observed Bandh.

Vinaya Kumar Sorake, minister for urban development and district in charge promised that the accused will be apprehended within two days. If appropriate action is not taken immediately against the accused, a fierce fast unto death struggle will be organized, said Chandrasekhar Shetty.

Satish Shetty, Secretary of Jaya Karnataka, while speaking said that our organization is serving the society without any prejudice of caste, race, religion or any party. He insisted for the immediate arrest of Ganesh Bhat, accused in the theft case of Mahalingeshwara temple’s gold ornaments and to take legal action.

Seetharam Bhat, temple’s priest, Narayana Belchada, Harish Shetty, Govardhana Sherigara, Dhureen Kumar and among others were present on the occasion.


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