Udupi: Regular meeting of CMC; Demand to reduce business license fee: postponement of meeting to next month.

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Udupi; Feb 28: M.R.Pai, opposition leader and member of CMC said in the regular meeting that business license fee should be reduced. No clear answer in the agenda, he alleged.


Supporting this, members of opposition party started brawl in the meeting and members of both parties involved in war of words for about 45 minutes by thumping on the table. Sensing the heat of situation, CMC president Yuvaraj Puttur, postponed the meeting to next month.


Legislator Pramodh Madhwaraj, who spoke later, said that about this it was decided not to increase tax in the manifesto.


Further he said that the revision was done, when BJP and Congress were not in power. The license fee of the companies within jurisdiction of CMC was fixed in 1987. Now in the wake of not revising license fee, in accordance with CMC president’s Dt.04.06.2013 meeting’s resolution No.832, detail of the revised rates was published on 27.06.2013 in Karnataka State’s gazette.


The copy of this publication was displayed in the notice board for the attention of public on 01.07.2013.In the wake of no objection for the publication, as per the discretion of CMC president, revised rate was sent to government for the approval for the implementation of revised rate. Hoping, the revised rate would be approved by the government, the permission was accorded to implement the revised rate.


Accordingly, the fee for new licenses will be charged as per the revised rate. It was reported in the audited annual financial report about the opposition for non-revision of license fee and this was documented in the agenda. This was objected by the members of opposition party in CMC.

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The increase in rate is illegal, against the interest of the people, members of the opposite party protested by showing handbills.


CMC president Yuvaraj Puttur, municipal commissioner Shreekanth Rao, legislator Pramodh Madhwaraj, vice president Amratha Krishnamurthy were present on the occasion.

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