Kundapur: Broad Daylight robbery of house; looting hundreds of millions of jewelry, cash

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Kundapur; Feb 27: A case of broad daylight robbery of house, when there was no one at the home and robbers decamped with thousands of millions of worth precious gold jewelry and Rs 10,000 in cash was reported on Feb 26, Wednesday afternoon in Siddanayaka road in Kundapur Municipal corporation jurisdiction.



Burglary took place from Sales Tax Officer Ratnakar Hawaldar’s home. He went to work in the morning, his wife Vanita went to one of the programmes at Mabukala and two of their children went to school, when the incident took place. Daily Ratnakara was staying at his mother Kalyani’s house. But on Feb 25, Tuesday, she went to her daughter’s house at Byndoor. It was told that no one there in the house, when the theft took place.


On Feb 26, Wednesday around 01.00 in the afternoon, when Ratnakara’s wife Vanita came to the home along with her children, it came to the light that latch of the door was removed. The robbers decamped with one small karimani chain, a pearl chain, ear wear, children worn rings and ear rings. Four gold coins and Rs 10,000 in cash of Rs 5 denominaton stocked in a box. It was estimated that value of the stolen jewelry was Rs one lac.



Kundapur police station’s sub-inspector Prasad Khavri, crime branch police, canine squad, finger print experts arrived to the place of incident and examined. The police were examining the CCTV camera installed in the adjacent house.Dog searched in nearby road in half kilo metre distance and came back.It was suspected that thieves might have fled from there in another vehicle.



A case was registered in Kundapur police station.

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