CPI(M) stage massive protest rally demanding residential site, title deed to poor

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Mangalore, Feb 17: Karnataka Pranta Raita Sangha and CPI(M) organized a massive protest rally in city on February 17, Monday  demanding residential site, titled deed and akrama sakrama.

The protestors marched from Jyoti Circle to the DC Office and held protest.




Addressing a protestors, CPI(M) state executive committee member K R Shriyan CPI(M) have staged many protest earlier, demanding free sites for the landless and to regularize  the illegal pump set connections of farmers, but till date authorities have still not responded to the demands of the party .

He also demanded title deeds to the poor families, residing in houses constructed on government lands without further delay.



He criticized the government who have surveyed the number of homeless people in city and rural areas and later never given them the housing facilities. The political parties which have been assuring to fulfill the demands of poor people, never look back to it and without any option they have t protest, he informed.


If the authorities do not fulfill the demands of poor people, then the party will staged violent protest in coming days, he warned.

Raita Sangha chief secretary K Yadav Shetty, Vasanth Achary, Dayanand Shetty, corporator, Sunil Kumar Bajal and Krishnaprasad were present.

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