Kundapur: ‘Me and My India’, nation believer’s Samagama

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Kundapur: Feb 12: While speaking as main speaker in ‘Me and My India nation believer’s Samagama’ programme organized near Sastan bus stand’s Shishu Mandira on Feb 10, Monday evening, Jago Bharat fame, columnist Chakravarthi Sulibele said in his speech that we cannot forget Swami Vivekananda, who through his unprecedented talk in Chicago World Religious conference by highlighting the greatness, distinction of India’s glory across the globe, enabled mother India to raise her head in the world. Further, ahead glowing India to be constructed. It is possible only through new ideas and bold and efficient leadership, he said

Excellent literature, India gave to the world, is our Upanishads. By reading Upanishads, today’s youth should adopt the ideas and informations of the Upanishads. Ours is the legacy of Buddha, who left everything and went to forest, acquired knowledge and shown the path of virtue.


Ours is a sacrifice based excellent, great heritage country. Though many years have been passed after renouncers, enlightened people like Buddha, Vivekananda disappeared from the midst of us, we should not forget that still we are remembering them, not the people who accumulated countless money. It is a matter of pride that this is the only country which built on sacrifice.

But matter of paradox is that in today’s text books without any proper, noble aims, thieves become heroes. The thief navigator Vasco Da Gama, who came to rob India, has become famous, popular among people that he discovered India. But in Greek history it was written that Vasco Da Gama was a Mafia Don, which nobody had noticed it.

Thousands of nation lover’s martyrdomed heroes are our ideal icons. The parents of Unnikrishnanaman, who saved the lives of many people before his death due to terrorist’s bullet attack, never sat idle at home, instead after realizing the value of the people who sacrificed their lives, encouraged the youngsters to come forward to protect, save the country. This should become an ideal, inspiration for parents.

The government which could not do anything when soldier Hemantraj’s head was beheaded, you only decide, to whom it can save, protect? After committing all sorts of scams on the earth, finally deceived by one Baba’s prediction that there is a treasure, wealth at one of the lower world, government took iron from there, what a shame act of the government?

Overall now the present situation is like that there is no security in the country internally as well as externally. In the ensuing election by thinking deeply about the future of the country, with lot of responsibility one able, suitable, efficient leader should be elected, to save, protect the nation, this is the last opportunity, he said.

After 150 years, one more Narendra has born, who will make rest of the countries to look at glowing India with their amazing, astonishing eyes, he said

35 soldiers along with members of their house of this region inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp.

Before the commencement of the programme, columnist Chakravarthi felicitated and honored Kings of Nagas’s soldier senior Chetana.K.Narayana at his house.

On the same platform Guinness books of record holder Gopala Kharvi, handicapped swimming expert Prakasha Kharvi, in senior category sportsman Krishna Devadiga, athlet Vittal Shettigar and junior sportsman were felicitated by honorary president of Sanghatane Rishiraj.

In the programme BJP leaders Kishore Kundapur, Rajesh Kaveri, Suprasad shetty, Airodi Vittal Poojary, Sandeep Kodi, programme committees’s Harish, Anantha Nayak and among others were present.

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