Udupi: By amending the law, distribute the land to poor, demands Nityananda Swami in indefinite strike

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Udupi; Feb 04: Participating in the homeless people’s  48 hours indefinite strike held on Feb 03,Monday in front of the  Udupi taluk office in Bannanje,organized by Karnataka province agricultural labours Sangha’s  Udupi taluk samiti,Nityananda Swami, state president, Karnataka province agricultural labors union said in his speech that Government should provide a house, for those who do not possess house or accommodation. If necessary, even by amending the existing law, by acquiring unfit lands of the agriculturists to be given to the poor after the conversion, he said.

The state government has come forward to amend the land tribunal act to acquire fertile land of the agriculturist to give capitalist, corporate companies and industrialists. When state government is so anxious to give land to them, neglecting homeless people, he alleged.

Government, district in charge ministers, legislators giving statements only about solving the problems of homeless people and still it has remained as hopes but not yet materialized, he taunted. Through distributing lands to poor people, state government’s policy of favoring corporate companies, rich people should be changed, swami demanded.

The forty eight hours of strike, which started on Feb 03, Monday in the morning was concluded on Feb 04, Tuesday evening.

Sangha’s memorandum containing various demands has been submitted to Chief Minister through tahsildar.

In the strike, Sangha’s taluk secretary Dogu Suvarna,prominent like H.Vittal,Balakrishna Shetty,K.Laxman,Vishwanatha Rai,Umesh Kundar,Sanjeeva Nayak,Sujatha Udupi,Saira Bhanu,Hoode,Baby Udyavara,Kuthpady Lalitha among others were present.

Striek Ends:-

In the wake of Udupi taluk’s tahsildar Guruprasad’s assurance after visiting the place,the 48 hours  strike which started on Monday in front of Udupi taluk office in Bannanje by Karnataka province agricultural labours union has been dropped.

5000 applications from homeless people:

Udupi taluk’s a total of  from 53 villages/regions around 5000 applications of homeless people by separating village/regions have been submitted to state government through tahsildar and 30 months have been passed since then but no response has been received yet in this regard, alleged Dogu Suvarna,secretary, udupi taluk samiti.

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