Kundapur: Legislator’s foreign travel, for fun only; no development of the state out of it-Scindia

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Kundapur; Dec 28: Addressing the press reporters after participating in Devadigara Vaibhava’ held in J.N.R Kalamandira, P.G.R. Scindia, former home minister and prominent JDS leader said in his address that foreign tour in the name of study by the legislators at the expenses of government money is for fun only and no development of the state is possible.It is the disease of the past 5 years.

He further said that he will write a letter to chief minister, president of the legislative council and urge them, not to allow legislators to go to foreign tour and appealed them to amend the provision in the next cabinet session, he said.

He further said that in his 24 -year of legislative experience, only finger count legislators are giving report after going for foreign tour. In this regard, he says chief minister and speaker are only not responsible. Union government’s department of foreign affairs department is responsible. Department should not give permission to foreign travel in future, he urged.

Besides AAP is not a political party, it is a revolution. The AAP is not the political party, the party, which is on the verge of forming a government in Delhi and it is a party of political revolution and population is frustrated about the politicians. The politicians, who are spending millions of rupees during election period, then they indulging in corruption to recover the spent money. That is why during 1973-74, as people desired to have change, Janata party was born. That was the symbol of transition, similarily Kejriwal is a symbol of transition, he said.

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