Kundapur: Atalji’s birthday celebration; for the construction of self-esteem Bharat, needed an able leader-C.T.Ravi

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Kundapur; Dec 26: Participating in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday celebration, organized by BJP, Shaktikendra, Kota and standing committee, Saligrama on Dec 25, Wednesday evening, near Saligrama bus stand, C.T.Ravi said in his address that the programme of then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which was implemented in the best interest of the nation, the Congress government has now abandoned for political reasons.





Through corruption in sky, the land and hell, the congress led government is held responsible for 18 lac crore corruptions in the country. The country, which is lagging behind in the economical development, needed an able, efficient leader for the construction of self esteem nation, said C.T.Ravi, general secretary of BJP and MLA




Atalji, the man who shown that the power is not important but trust, confidence of the people is important, was always loved to be a party activist. The Sangha’s disciplined volunteer and patriot, who made his debut in politics through Sangha, is a unique gem. He became involved in politics and became popular among population and entered into active politics in short period of time without aspiring for any power, post unlike today’s politicians and stood as role model for other politicians. In spite of ups and downs, hurdles in the life, through his capability, became charismatic person among the people and due to their love, he became prime minister of India, not through his money power, he added



The man, who believed strongly in ‘Naganyam Saphalayanam’, was a very clever and intelligent in organizing the organizational activities. Through some of his social reforms when he was the prime minister, he took India towards the path of prosperity and progress. By writing preface to the announcement of ‘Jai Jawan.Jai Kisan, Jai Vijnan’, he made India to come forward, advance in the field of technology also.



He further said that on the auspicious occasion of birthday celebration of politically intellectual leader of the land, everyone should make a resolution of constructing Congress-free India. Through everybody’s efforts, we have to take India towards an easy chair. The wind of change is blowing across the country. The name of Narendra Modi has become so popular now everywhere, everybody is started praising, lauding him.



‘Life is like a cart driven by pony’ (Badhuku jutkabandi) fame Malavika said that after Gandhi, Atalji was the only incomparable ‘statesman’, who by engaged himself in politics, the leader who saw lot of progress and became popular. We should not stop his birthday celebration here itself. In politics, he is the strength and weapon. In order to utilize the opportunity of coming election properly, we have to make all our efforts to elect charismatic leader like Narendra Modi.


BJP district president Thingale Vikramarjuna Hegde by presiding over inaugurated the function by cutting the cake. Senior BJP activist statesman Saligrama Narasimha Shanbhag was felicitated on the occasion.Malavika was honored by presenting ‘bageena’and applying turmeric-vermilion.


Kota Shreenivas Poojary,MP,Rajesh Kaveri,BJP president Kundapur unit,Ex-president B.Kishore Kumar,Byndoor BJP president Sukumar Shetty,Kota Vyavasahika seva sangha bank president Ramakrishna Aithal,Kaup former MLA Lalaji Mendon, district panchayat member Geethanjali Suvarna,Shivarama Udupa Saligrama,Sanjeeva Devadiga,president,Saligrama BJP standing committee were present.


Poornima Gowri recited a prayer, Vittal Poojary, president, Kota BJP Shaktikendra has delivered an introductory speech, Shyamsundar, Ex-president of standing committee welcomed, Saligrama Yuva morcha president Krishna Poojary proposed vote of thanks.

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