Modi’s government is more trustworthy than Congress govt for Muslims: M K Chishty

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Mangalore, Dec 26: Delivering the talk on ‘Modi and Muslims’,  Sufi M K Chishty, head priest (Gadinashin) of Dargah Sharif at Atodara said that no Congress-led UPA government will provide better facilities to Muslim Community like Modi Government in Gujarat.


He was speaking at the talk organized by NaMo Brigade at Moti Mahal on December 26, Thursday. He also said that as the Gujarat Haj Committee chairman and Ummah international TV channel founder he feels that none of the Congress led state government would have provided Muslims with job opportunity in police department, but in Gujarat out of 47,000 police personnels, 5,000 are Muslims and the literacy rate of Muslims in Gujarat is 75.3%.

Christy also said that, during every speech and programmes, Congress leaders comment on Gujarat riots of 2002, but why they are silent about 11,000, riots took place in 50 years of congress rule in the country that killed innocent Muslims and Hindus.


Christy also applauded Modi as the Chief Minister, who had handled Gujarat riots of 2002 in care even though he had no the experience in administration. With the help of Mumbai, Rajasthan police and military forces he controlled the situation in 4 days.

After the 2002 riot, Gujarat did not have a single curfew. He has made Gujarat a model state in terms of communal harmony, where we can see Hindus and Muslims work in partnership in business. Muslim women and Hindu women can walk freely even at 2 am in Hindu and Muslim dominated area respectively.


He also said that Muslims do not believe in conciliation, but want betterment, empowerment through education, and employment, which has been provided in Gujarat by Modi. Gujarat has 240 Muslim corporators elected from BJP and out of which 120 have taken charge as the chairmen of different boards.

The Congress government has just provoked the Muslims against Hindu’s and has just fulfilled one recommendation out of the 40 recommendations of Sachar Committee.

But Modi after taking charge as the Gujarat chief minister has always worked for the betterment of the people by providing good infrastructure like roads, drinking water facilities, hospitals and others. He has also given compensation to all Gujarat riots victims, without cheating any one.

Chakravarthy Sulibele of NaMo Brigade welcomed the guests and gathering.

Litterateur Mohammed Baddoor was present.

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