Karkala: Hide and seek of unlimited power cut : the state of small scale business in the dark!!

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Karkala; Dec 21: The Hebri village alone is the place where MESCOM is earning more revenue because of the more power consumption due to more small scale business and  the place where it has not faced any power  cut problem ever before, is  now facing acute power problem for the last one week.

Over the past seven years, what is seen here for the first time, this kind of power outrage is occurred and the cause of the problem is still not known.

When chief minister himself told that as all the reservoirs were filled with enough of water due to this year’s good moon, there won’t be any kind of power cut this year, now it is amazing to see that due to more than 12 hours of power cut in a day that too prior to the commencement of summer season, the small scale business people have to face lot of hardship, it is said.

In this regard, when asked with MESCOM officials, the answer is ‘Tomorrow it might get rectified’. Because of the unlimited power cut, which start from morning itself, condition of consumers is on the verge becoming worst. If the MESCOM creates this kind of problem, in the place, where the more revenue is earned that too before the beginning of the summer, who will listen to the problem of rural region people?This has become now a million dollar question…!!!

Contemplating for struggle:

Enraged residents of the village against MESCOM are getting prepared for the struggle. Besides different organizations and institutions mustered their support for the struggle and it will become more fierce in the coming days.

Therefore, it is cautioned that district -in -charge and MESCOM officials must pay their attention immediately towards solving the perpetual problem of unlimited power outrage and create an atmosphere of permanent solution before it get blown out of proportion.

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