Kundapur: Increasing number of fire taction at the side of highway; fire brigade extinguishes fire

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Kundapur: Dec 21: It is being observed for the last one month that the number of fire tactions is happening on national highway 66 (NH66) with so much of stupidity. Because of competent, efficient fire brigade personnel, fire is being extinguished continuously.



Although many of the instances of fire have been averted due to local’s precautionary attitude, locals are now suspecting the hands of national highway authorities in the frequent occurrence of fire at the side of NH66.



Similar case of fire mishap was also occurred on NH66 on Dec 20, Friday in front of college near Sangam.Around 3-4 trees were gutted completely to ash for the mistakes of its no fault. As a result of fire caught on dry grass and leaves at the foot of the trees at the sides of the NH66 four trees have got damaged.


The local college students Sharath and his associates, who saw the red billowing smokes of raging fire, immediately informed the matter to municipality council member Sridhar Sheregar,who in turn rushed to spot and after seeing the seriousness, gravity of the situation, he summoned the fire brigade personnel.




Because of the emergency operations and prompt actions by the fire brigade personnel, the fire could be extinguished and major casualties  have been averted.

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