S M Shetty Educational Institutions Sports Ground inaugurated

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Mumbai : Bunts Sangha’s S M Shetty Educational Institutions Powai Smt. Shashi Manmohan Shetty renovated Sports Ground inaugurated on the evening of 18th December 2013.

In his speech Chairman and Managing Director of Adlabs, Manmohan Shetty, Chief Guest of the function after inaugurating the ground said Bunts Sangha, Mumbai created history, even in the field of education since last decades. He appealed more youths to come forward and take active parts in Sangha’s activities.

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Guest of Honor, Director of Jet Airways Gaurang Shetty said with the huge contribution and support of SM Shetty, Manmohan Shetty and others SM Shetty Institutions recognized as one of the best Institutions.

In his presidential address CA Shankar B. Shetty president of Bunts Sangha acknowledged and extended his sincere thanks to all the people for their contribution and support for the growth of this institution. He along with the Chairman of the institution Jayarama N Shetty felicitated Manmohan Shetty and Gaurang Shetty. Vice Chairman of the institution Harish Vasu Shetty and Vice President of Bunts Sangha Karnire Vishwanath Shetty introduced the guests. Shashi Manmohan Shetty also honored during the occasion.

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Secretary of Powai educational institutions B R Shetty presented a brief report. KD Shetty, CA Sadashav Shetty, Mahesh Shetty, CA Satish Shetty, CA Harish Shetty, Lata P Shetty other office bearers and members of Bunts Sangha Mumbai and its sub committees, Powai educations institutions, College Staffs and others present.

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After the inaugural ceremony a cricket match was played by Powai educational institutions office bearers and members. Principal Dr. Shridhar Shetty offered vote of thanks. Prakash Shetty and Nina Sharma compared the programme.

By Ishwar M Ail
Pics. Dinesh Kulal

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