A nation should need a leader like Modi: Subramanian Swamy

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Mangalore, Dec 18: A nation should need a leader like Narendra Modi. There was no challenge at all for BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said Dr Subramanian Swamy, academician, activist and BJP leader on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

He delivered a lecture on the topic “The present political situation and relevance of Modi’s leadership” organized by Namo Brigade at AB Shetty Memorial Hall.

Rising a personal attack on Rahul Gandhi, he said that Rahul Gandhi as a ‘Buddhu and drug addict’ who has zero potential. He further said that Rahul is an idiot, no knowledge of politics and is into cocaine, which apparently suggests that he is a drug addict.

“Rajiv Gandhi was a good friend of mine and he despaired about how Rahul Gandhi would meet his future. Rahul is never there when country is facing a crisis, for instance last year on December 16 when the Nirbhaya case happened, he was abroad having a New Year party even though it was not new year,” he said.


He elaborated on the various dimensions of politics, which he said are corruption, collapse in economy, national security and national reputation.

“Take the question of corruption – see the magnitude of the problem. Indian businessmen and civil servants have taken money from this country through hawala and deposited it in secret accounts of foreign banks in countries like Switzerland and Macau. They have deposited Rs 120 lac crore. The total income tax revenue of the Indian government is only Rs 2 lac crore. If we bring this money back there is no need to pay income tax. If BJP comes to power in 2014 we should abolish this useless tax,” he said.

Calling finance minister Chidambaram ‘a lawyer and crook – a dangerous combination’, he said Chidambaram passed a law wherein if any investment is made by a Mauritius company, there will not be any capital gains tax.

Subrahmanian Swamy also promised that the difference between the rupee value and dollar would not be more than Rs 10 if the BJP came to power.


On the victory of the AAP in Delhi, he said people are so confused that they are now regretting for choosing AAP.

Dr Subramanian Swamy said that it was necessary to bring in new technology to curb corruption, which will remove discretionary powers of officers.

‘Tipu Sultan – The Tyrant of Mysore’ a book authored by Sandeep Balakrishna was released on the occasion by Dr Subramanian Swamy.

President of Shrinivas Group of Colleges, A Raghavendra Rao and Chakravarthy Sulibele were the chief guest of the occasion.

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