Kundapur: Elections in three local bodies; 181 people in fray, mustering from Saturday

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Kundapur; Dec 07: Countdown has already begun for the elections in three panchayat Byndoor, Yadthare and Gangolli, which will be held on Dec 08.


Dec 02, Monday was the last day for withdrawing nominations and finally 181 aspirants were in fray. Since there was no sign of unanimous elections in any one of the wards, full fledged elections will be held. This being the first panchayat elections, these elections obviously will become a litmus test for the new legislators.


A total of 181 aspirants will be in arena in three village panchayats.Out of the 204 nominations received, 23 nominations have been withdrawn. As the final list of the candidates are nearing, the heat of the elections has become thicker and thicker. A tug of war will be held in all the wards for the victory of the parties. In order to protect the reputation of the party, the signs of fierce fight are visible.

In Gangolli 78: Last date for the submission of nomination was on Nov 28.Out of 85 nominations received,6 candidates have withdrawn their nomination and thus at the end there were 78 aspirants are in the fray. Congress and BJP supported 33 each candidates respectively and 12 independent candidates submitted their nominations.

In Byndoor 47: As the election heat is increasing, 60 nominations have been received for 21 seats in six wards.Finally, since thirteen candidates have withdrawn their nominations, now 47 contestants are in the arena. Wait and see whose throne will be?

In Yadthare 56:  Yadthare gram panchayat throne has become a question of reputation, prestige to all. Every time in this ward, there will be a stiff fight here for 25 seats in 8 wards. Out of 60 nominations received, 4 aspirants withdrawn their nominations and thus 56 candidates are there in the arena.

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