Kundapur: Riot case on Gulf Indian youth by police; Passport evidence proves innocence

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 police_assault_on man

Kundapur; Nov 30: There are many instances wherein, as soon as complaint has been lodged, without any judgment, discretion, the people are being booked under various offences erroneously and being treated mercilessly and inhumanely by the police.

 In one of such incidents, an expatriate by name Ashraf, aged 22, S/o Abbas Saheb, resident near water tank was booked in connection with riot case, when he was in Saudi Arabia on employment.

It was said that on 02.12.2010, near Gangolli post, an incident of communal related disturbances was occurred. On 13.12.2010, a complaint was lodged by one of the shop owners Naresh Kini in Gangolli police station stating that a group of miscreants entered inside his shop and broken cupboard, show case and smashed complete glasses of the shop.Alonwith the names of around 24 miscreants, the name of Ashraf, son of Abbas Saheb was also included, while registering the complaint. In fact he was in Saudi Arabia at the time of the incident.

As soon as the complaint was lodged in the police station without cross examining then police inspector Gopal Naik charge sheeted all the people who were mentioned in the complaint and produced in the court.

An irony of the case was that accused Ashraf, mentioned in the complaint has left to Saudi Arabia on employment on 08.10.2008 and returned back to native place on vacation 01.03.2011.When case was registered against Ashraf,family members requested, yelled the police about it but police ignored their  request and behaved as if, it was common everywhere.

It was quite obvious that when Ashraf did not turn up for hearing, court has sent him warrant notice. After arriving to native place from Saudi Arabia, who got bail for the offence, which he did not commit, Ashraf could not escape from visiting court. The lawyer Bhujanga Shetty Gawli, who was fighting the case of Ashraf, produced the evidences of passport records and documents of his employment in Saudi Arabia when the incident occurred to the court and argued about that in the court.

Thereafter after examining the evidences of passport and employment documents, Kundapur court passed its verdict stating Ashraf was not guilty and freed from all his charges, allegations leveled against him.

Though, the case created much anxiety, hype in the region, his foreign documents, passport evidences helped him to come out clean.In case if was in the country, he would have undergone much embarrassment from court and police due to police department’s negligence and would have proved him an offender.

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