Kundapur: Inebriated man commits suicide by jumping into moving train; body shatters into pieces

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Kundapur; Nov 09: In an incident, an intoxicated man committed suicide by jumping into railway track when Mangalore bound train was on its way from Goa.Incident occurred near Guddemadi railway track on Nov 09, Saturday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Shankara, aged 48, son of Ganapa, a resident of Nada Ramanagara.Shankara has got two sons and one daughter.


According to the sources, of late he has been entangled in so many family problems. He left home and gone to Belambelle and there he had a heavy drink, and then came near railway track.

After loitering here and there for some time under the influence of liquor on the track, all of a sudden, he jumped into the moving train and committed suicide. In the process, his body caught under the wheel of the train and shattered into pieces. Though the public saw from far and shouted, by the time they reached the spot, everything was over and could not do anything.

A case has been registered in Gangolli police station in this regard.

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