Controlling the Traffic Problem at B.C. Road: Meeting Led by SI Kabal Raj

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Bantwal, Nov. 6: Pick up the passengers in the national highway, stopping the bus in road are the main reasons for traffic problem at B.C. Road. Regarding to this a meeting was led by SI Kabal Raj held at Bantwal.

SI said that the buses coming from Mangalore to B.C. Road only can pick up the passenger but they can’t stop the bus for more time. If it is necessary then only 4 busses can stand in the lines he added.

He asked that why here the buses not maintaining the traffic disciplinary which is there at Mangalore and Bangalore. The buses should follow the traffic rules and help the department he pointed out. Now we are giving primary instruction. If the drivers not follow the rules we will take strict action towards them he warned.

The owners and the drivers of the buses claimed that in only two 2 malls have parking lots at its premises and no other buildings have, so the vehicles were parking in all places. And also in the private bus stand of B.C.Road also filled with two wheelers. From these two things are reasons for the heavy traffic. SI promised to take further action towards the issue.

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