Kundapur: “Shreshta Bodhana Prashasthi” conferred on Manipal’s Dr.Shivananda Naik

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Kundapur; Nov 06: For the achievement in the teaching of the great quality in the year 2013-14, the Caribbean island of the West Indies, group’s medical university chancellors conferred “Shreshta Bodhana” prashasthi on Manipal’s Dr.Shivananda Naik.

On Oct, 23, at the grand ceremony at the University of the West Indies Trinidad and Tobyago, Chancellor Dr.Naijal Haris has conferred the award. The ceremony was attended by many of the elite personalities of West Indies, many citizens of Indian origin and education experts were present.

One of the world’s greatest awards being conferred for the first time to Karnataka origin Professor Dr.Shivananda Naik,a professor in Manipal’s KMC college.Dr.Shivananda Naik,after obtaining  his education and doctorate degree in KMC,has been serving as research and professor for the last several years.

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