We will go for Legal Battle not Protest in Streets: Prof. B.K.Raveendra

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Mangalore, Nov.1: The CID report said that Dharmasthala Temple and the family members of Dr. Heggade were not involved in the Sowjanya rape and murder case. But till now few organisations staged protest and defame Dr. Heggade and his family by involving their name in the Sowjanya case without any proper record. But hereafter we will do legal battle against them, but like them we are not get into street to protest said the principal of S.D.M. Law College Prof. B.K. Raveendra.

He spoke at the press meet held at S.D.M. Law College here on Friday Nov.1st.

He further said that the report submitted to the govt. by CID only says all the details of the case.  It also said about how Santhosh involved in the case.

From the beginning only some organisations are demanding to CBI probe into the case. After starting CID investigation there is much procedure to handover the case into CBI. Through the protest the organisations are gave wrong information about Heggade. By doing this they violate the Law. You will face the result of it he warned.

We have all the records relating to the case. We submit that to the court and we will take legal action towards Mahesh Shetty and Somanath Nayak who tried to defame Haeggade and the Dharmasthala Tample.

The director of Business Management Prof. Devaraj was present in the press meet.

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