Karkala: First ordinary meeting of CMC; newly appointed member’s take oath of office

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Karkala; Oct 23: An ordinary first meeting of the newly formed city municipality council was held on Oct 23, Wednesday at CMC auditorium. All the 23 members of the municipal council have taken oath of office on the occasion.


Under the presidentship of Smt.Rehamat Sheikh, President CMC, discussions were held on many major issues in the first meeting.


When Giridhar Nayak, an opposition leader asked the question, what action has been taken by the CMC about the problem in supply of drinking water to Karkala city, in reply Chief executive officer Gopalakrishna Shetty said that due to the recent thunder, 40 HP capacity pump set got damaged, resulting obstacle in the supply of drinking water to the city and once the pump set get repaired, water supply will be restored soon.


Subith N.R, member of the ruling party has urged in the CMC to utilize Koraga’s fund properly. When it was urged CMC to come forward for the opening of illegal buildings already constructed and being constructed on revenue lands in the jurisdiction of CMC, in reply chief executive officer has said that in this regard, the letter will be forwarded to tahsildar to conduct survey on these lands and then as decided in the meeting, measure will be taken, he said.


Besides for the newly constructing buildings, it was decided to approve in the ordinary meeting before giving permission, he said.

With regard to the confusion over the road widening, Asfaque Ahmed, member of CMC said in his speech that those who are voluntarily leaving space for road, will be suitably compensated and remaining matter will be solved through DC.

Though high court has passed an order for the usage of old bus stand and Bandimata bus stand equally, violating the court order by the DC is condemned.

Shakuntala, vice president CMC, Eshwar Nayak were present. Chief executive officer Gopalakrishna welcomed the members.

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