For the First Time Namo Bharath at Mangalore by Chakravarthi Sulibele

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Mangalore, Oct. 18: For the first time with the initiation of Chakravarthi Sulibele Namo Bharath – “Namo for Bharath, We for Namo” a programme regarding to the 12 years achievements of Gujrat government will hold at Central Ground of Mangalore on Sunday, October 27th evening from 6.pm to 9 pm.


The organization requested to all the members of Namo Brigade Unit to attend programme place in the bike rally.


The initiator of the popular programme and column Jago Bharath Jago famed Chakravarthi Suli Bele now take the responsibility of Namo Bharath at Mangalore. This is for the first time Namo Bharath programme will take place in Mangalore.

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