Karkala: Andaru Kodamanitthaya Brahma Baidarkala temple inaugurates a new ‘Annapurna Bhojana Shale’

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Karkala;Oct 18: Karinje Vinu Vishwanatha Shetty,a businessman has inaugurated a ‘Annapurna Bhojana Shale’(Annapurna Dining hall) in  famous and more powerful divine place Andaru Kodamanitthaya Brahma Baidarkala temple on Oct 17,Thursday along with felicitation ceremony after the Tula Sankramana’s special pooja.


V.Sunil Kumar MLA has presided over the function and said in his address that there was a dire in need of basic facilities for Kodamanitthaya temple, the same has been fulfilled by Vinu Vishwanatha Shetty, a benevolent, generous person as per the order of deity (as per divine direction) and hope it will continue to be developed with the co-operation of likeminded person like Vinu Vishwanatha Shetty.


He further said that though there are many rich people in the society, we can hardly find the people who can utilize a part of their earnings for the welfare of the society. In this connection, Vishwanatha Shetty has to be commended, appreciated for his noble gesture and generosity.


We all pray Kodamanitthaya to grant Shetty and his family a good health, prosperity, wealth, peace, contentment, tranquility throughout his life.


Vinu Vishwanatha Shetty, who has donated Rs 5 lac towards the construction of Annapurna dining hall, was felicitated by the committee members on the occasion.


Chief guests like Ranganatha Bhat, main priest, retired principal M.Sundara shetty, Prof.Gunapala Kadamba spoke on the occasion.


Padmaraja Amcha, prominent person of the temple, Sadashiva Rao, Krishna Shetty, Ramakrishna Shervegar, Treasurer Ratnaverma Jain and among others were present.

Management committee secretary A.Chandrakantha welcomed the guests, lecturer Prabhakara Rao compered the programme and proposed a vote of thanks.

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