Kundapur: Attempt to assail and insult Dharmaadhikari and his family members is highly denounced

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Kundapur; Oct 17: All the members of Gangolli Shree Indhudhara temple have denounced the attack on Dharmaadhikari and his family members in connection with Sowjanya’s rape and murder case.

They further said that it is not fair to create misunderstandings amongst Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Graamaabhivridhi yojane employees about Dr.Heggade and bringing bad repute and defaming the sanctity of the holy place. Which is highly deplorable and condemnable, they said.

Though father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt about Ramarajya, Dr.Heggade has converted into reality through his social welfare, up-liftment of the downtrodden, destitute and poor for the last 40 years. First we have to think about those pro-people’s activities, requested the members.

 Members of Indhushree Mahila Sangha, Mathrshree girl’s Bhajana team and Indhudhara youth Mandala were present.

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