Udupi: Place of Nejaru Mosque belongs to Muslims; Panchayat conspiracy leads to dispute-says KKSV

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Udupi; Oct 17: A protest was organized by Karnataka Komu Sauhardha Vedhike on Oct 17, Thursday near clock tower demanding an immediate action against the fascist approaches of some of the coastal region Hindu organizations and the police departments, which encourage those organizations.


Addressing the protestors G.Rajashekar, president of Komu Sauhardha vedhike (KKSV) said in his address that the protest organized against Nejaru Masjid prayer was against the principles of Hindu religion. Though the related documents of the disputed place of mosque are in its right place, conspiracy of Kalyanpur panchayat led for the dispute, he alleged. But place of masjid belongs to Muslims only.


Though the government has been changed, thinking has not been changed and this is a well organized and deep rooted conspiracy, he added.


Further, he said that there are umpteen numbers of instances of attacks by Hindu outfits on Muslim youths, those who were found with Hindu girls in bus stands, hotel, college corridors, and highways’ condemning the instances.It is dangerous to know that one of the employees of Mulky police station only organized moral policing.

In Uttara Kannada’s Siddapur, one Hindu group physically attacked foster Anil Kumar. Anil Kumar was performing prayer rituals as per the invitation of Dalit family. It is not an offence to attend in mass prayers by an adult at his/her own interest according to Indian constitution.

Demands of Komu Sauhardha Vedhike:-

1. After seriously considering the “Moral Policegiri” a strict action should be taken against Siddapur and Mulky police employees, who organized the policegiri

2. After tracing the attackers of Buntwal Lorretto church, a stringent punishment to be given

3. Under 1964 cattle protection act, awareness camps should be organized in every village for the benefit of the farmers to create awareness about cattle marketing, transportation and slaughtering and farmer’s grievances must be listened by the concerned authorities. The request has been made by KKSV with western zone IGP and Udupi SP in this regard.

Rajashekar, Phaniraj, Jayan Malpe, D.S.Bengre and among others were present.


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