J.R Lobo inaugurates the development work of Bharati Nagar

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Mangalore, Oct. 17: MLA J.R Lobo inaugurated the Bharati Nagar development work, at Bejai on Thursday, October 17.

Addressing the gathering, Lobo said “Rs 3.03 crore has been allotted for the development of this area. The corporator of Bejai ward, Prakash Salian has taken keen interest in the development work of the ward.

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Lobo briefed on the development work and said that a total Rs 3.03 crores will be spent for the drainage, footpath, concretization of the roads and the Bejai market from the SFC.

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He further said Rs 20 lakhs will be spent for the concretization of the 320 meter long with 3.50 meters broad stretch of road, Rs 70 lakhs will be spent for concretization of Bharati Nagar Main road and Bharati Nagar – Bejai cross Road. Rs 28 lakhs will be spent for other related work.

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Our aim is to complete all the footpath work and the development of the roads of Kankanady, Hampankatta, Jeppu, Kadri and Urva markets will be upgraded. By the end of this year we have to complete all the footpath work, he stressed.

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He also advised the contractors and the concerned authorities, to utilize the funds in a proper manner and not to misuse it. Whatever development work we have taken up should be completed first and then think of next step he said.

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Lobo assured his full support in the development work of the city and he also said that, people can approach him anytime if there is any problem in their wards.

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Corporator Prakash Salian, Engineer Anil and K V Rao were also present on the occasion.

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  1. A S Krishna Murthy

    I found it interesting to read the developmental activities in the most vibrant city like Mangalore , where my banking career started and also ended. CONGRATS !
    These kind of initiatives keep the people engaged and the responsibility of the information provider will increase multifold.

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