Year Ago Two Youngsters Died of Rat Fever at Bantwal : Yet the Government Do not Respond to the Family

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Bantwal: A year ago two youngsters belonging to the same family died of rat fever or leptospirosis at Mithaparari in B Mooda in a span of just one week. One year’s got over but till now government didn’t respond to the family and dint provide any financial support to the family members.

The deceased are Deepak (19) who died on Thursday August 16, and Praveen (17) who died at a hospital in Mangalore on Monday August 20 2012. Both were sons of Seetaram Poojary. Deepak, doing his second year BBM, and Praveen who was in first PUC, were students of Carmel Convent College.

The family, stricken by poverty, were dependent on daily wages and bidi rolling. They were residing in a small house in five cents plot.

As soon the incident was brought to the notice of health minister Aravinda Limbavali, he visited the family and promised help. He said that he would personally meet the chief minister in this regard. And also MLA Ramanath Rai and other political leaders visited their house.


But till now he government dint give any financial help to the family. The family is facing lot of problems by losing their two children.

The cost for the treatment of the children was increased to more than Lakhs. Seetharam Poojary works as a daily wager in a Saw mill near his house and his wife’s work is bidi rolling.

Who promised to provide financial support didn’t o anything. But the local organizations, School administrative committee, and the MLA of Bantwal gave financial help to the family. And the family received a letter from DC office telling that after they receive call from state government, they will provide financial support the family. But till we didn’t get financial support said Seetharam.

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