Udupi: Runaway prisoner Rowdy Balegar arrested in Goa along with his wife

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Udupi;Oct 13: Rowdy Balegar alias Nagraj Balegar,a rowdy sheeter,who had escaped from the hands of Kerala police a month ago, has been arrested by Goa police along with his wife Laxmi.

After going to Goa, he has committed a theft along with his wife and was arrested following police investigation into the theft.

When, he was being brought to Udupi court from Trichur jail for a hearing in which he was the accused, at Indrali railway station, he called his wife by taking a mobile phone from a policeman and asked her to come there and then in rickshaw policemen and Nagaraj and his wife went to a lodge in Hiriadka and stayed there in a separate room and from there he managed to escape with his wife.

Then Kerala police had lodged a complaint in Manipal police station stating that he had pushed them away and escaped. After confirming the true story of the escape, Manipal police have registered a case against Nagraja and his wife.

Thereafter, Udupi police received information that he and Lakshmi had taken refuge in Goa. A team led by Udupi DySP went to Goa and began a hunt for him. Meanwhile, the couple was caught by Goa police for a theft.

Rowdy Nagaraj was expert in escaping after giving a kick to the police. There were more than 25 cases, which includes murder, robbery, theft and escape etc pending against him in Karnataka including Goa and Kerala. According to police record, he has escaped three times from the hands of police. It also said that he has tried to escape many times but could not.

In 2011, January 14, he murdered Rowdy Vinod shettigar in Udupi sub jail and escaped. In this case, he has escaped and caught by Kerala police and was in Trichur jail.

Rowdy Nagaraj along with his wife is under the custody of Goa police, the body warrant application will be submitted to court to bring them to Udupi.Since there are two days holidays for the court, the body warrant application will be submitted on Tuesday.



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