J.R. Lobo’s Visits to Mulihithlu Ward

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Mangalore, Oct 9: MLA J R lobo held a meeting with the higher officials in the KUDCEMP Wet Well near Mulihithlu Arekere on his visit to the Mulihithlu Ward, today.

The Under Ground Drainage has been the severe problem of the people of this region, like the overflow and blockage of UGD.

The reason for this problem is that the Sevege treatment plant near Yekkur has no power supply, hence due to over load, the man holes are overflowing in few places. Taking this issue into consideration, Lobo urged the officials to give power connection to the yekkur STP, at the earliest, as it is likely to solve number of drainage related problems in the surrounding areas.

Few minor problems in the region with relation to drainage were also discussed in the meet and solutions for the same were also directed.

He also received grievances from the public and urged the officials to take proper steps to ensure that the problem is solved and that it never repeats.

Corporators Kavitha, Rathikala, congress leaders Suresh Shetty, T K Sudhir, Sadashiva Amin, Ramanand Bolar, Dennis D’Silva, Sandeep, Krithin Kumar, officials Kantharaj, Ganeshan,Anil Kumar, Ganapathy, KUDCEMP Officer Yashwant and others were present.

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