Moodbidri: Residents of Kadandale stage protest against illegal transportation of sand &Jelly

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Moodbidri;Oct 09: Residents of Murthulagudde in Kadandale village of Paladka village panchayt limit staged a symbolic protest on Oct 08,Tuesday, by blocking the tippers, which were carrying sands and Jelly (fragments of stones) from’ M/s.pobesrockmine’ situated in government land,Kadandale, which was encroached  illegally by the company.

Protestors alleged that, mining works, which was started 20 years ago in 1.95 acres of land in Murthulagudda region, Kadandale and over a period of time company grabbed illegally acres of lands in the region, continuing mining in the region creating a nuisance to the local residents of the area.

They further alleged that due to the storage of Jelly (by-product of mining -bits of stones),mixing of jelly powder with water, which is being used for irrigation of agricultural fields and  illegal grabbing of government land  in acres for want of space,many government trees have been destroyed.

In this connection, residents have already complained in writing to tahsildar, mines and geology department and concerned authorities have visited the place and examined.

People from the same company stopped the work in encroached government land on Monday temporarily.

But on Oct 08, Tuesday, when the residents saw the tippers carrying sand and jelly, they stopped the tippers and warned them. Meantime Easha Vittaldas Swamiji from Kemaru Saadanashrama, who came to the spot and had a talk with them and told them that by blocking the road, ensure that no untoward incidents take place and for that purpose only I came here, he said

Authorities from Popsrockmines arrived to the spot and examined the situation.

Before authorities could inform about the status of stored jelly and sands, protestors alleged that these are being transported illegally through tippers, demanded the authorities that this sands and jelly cannot be transported until the investigation is over.

Local residents like Santhosh Shetty, Chandrashekara, Leeladhara, Skandaprasad and among others were participated in road blocking programme.

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