Students urge Health Minister to ban alcohol like Tobacco

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Sullia, Oct. 8: A student of Balila Vidyabodini School urged to the health and family welfare minister U.T.Kadhar that sir you have banned the tobacco sale. This rule is good regarding to health. Like that you must ban alcohol also.

The minister participated in a discussion programme with students organized by Greenway Primary and High school health club. The students from various schools were take part in the programme.

Kshira Bhagya project for Private Schools: The students of Green way demand that the project of kshira Bhagya (giving milk) should reach everyone, it should reach towards the student of private school. For this Kadhar said that in govt. Schools there will be many numbers of students who coming from poor background. So we provide milk to them. In future it will reach to the private school also he said.

Answering to the question of Kollamogra KVJ students, that what steps you are taken towards maintaining clean in schools he said everyone should follow the rule of cleaning. The local administrative department will look after the maintenance of surroundings of the schools.

Answering to the Health insurance to the students he said that, the insurance already exists for the children of 1 to 6 years. Regarding the health insurance of the students we think about it and take further action.

The students from thirteen schools asked nearly 20question to the minister and the minister answered to every student and cleared their doubts.

The district health officer Dr. Shiva Kumar and Taluk health officer Dr. Subramanya were present.

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