Kundapur: Hosthu (Thene Habba) celebrated in a unique way in Karnataka coastal Kundapur

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Kundapur; Oct 07: In the midst of Navarathri or on Anantha Chaturdashi day, people of the agricultural community (farmers) bring already growing paddy Thene (ear or spike of corn), worship with beliefs, is called Hosthu (Thene Habba).Most of our festivals begin from harvest.’ Thene Habba’one of such kind of festivals widely celebrated across coastal region and other parts before the harvest of first crop of the season.

This is also known as Puddar or ill Dinjavune (filling the house with grains) or Koral Parba (Thene Habba).It is a ritual of adoring the Goddess Earth and paying gratitude to the food grains, mainly the paddy for opulence. Later the same grains are served to the members of the family.


On this occasion all members of the family take bath in the early morning and clean their house and yard. They also wash the equipments used regularly both in cultivation and household activities. Even before taking any food, the male member of the family, go to the field to bring Thene (ear or spike of corn).

The so brought ‘Thene’ is kept in front of Tulasikatte or in front of Kuladevta on the banana leaf along with all the cleaned equipments, the different kind of leaves such as mango, bamboo, jack fruit, betel leaves, traditional flowers, skin of Aaladamara (banian type tree), areca nut along with vegetables of different types and the family members offer prayer collectively for the prosperity of the members of the family, crop and house.


After finishing the rituals, they prepare coconut milk and add odd number of new rice and jaggery to it and consumed by all the members of the family.

However, the object is the same, you may find some variations in the way of celebration from place to place and many stories, messages behind observing this particular event. The relatives are also called on the occasion.

Then they set all the leaves together one on the other along with ears of the corn and then tie all the important  places in the house,poles,cowshed,household equipments,instruments,ploughs,vessels and


Then they cook the rice by putting odd number of new rice to it and take food together along with different types of dishes prepared for the occasion.

All the members of the family will be in pleasant and happy mood on this day.


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