Udupi: No support for Old Monarch time’s traditional art -says Principal Thrasi

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Udupi;Sept 30: Exhibition of  painting was arranged in honor of national award winner, art of the paints, lecturer Upadhyaya Moodubelle in Udupi’s Jangama Math’s Chitrakala Mandira’s.school of arts. Different forms of paints around 75 paintings prepared by 35 students were in display.




Modern arts prepared in acrylics, miniatures, paintings, landscape, fiber clay etc have been drawing, colored paintings in everybody’s eyes. Mysore’s traditional ‘chikani Kale’ (miniatures) was the highlight of the exhibition.



Rajendra Thrasi, principal of Kalamandir said in his speech that art of the paintings (chitra Kale) should be drawn as symbol within the frame work.



Painting is not so easy, like philosophy. Art of painting should be taught through symbol, in such a way that students is properly trained, he said


The displayed paintings have been prepared by the students on the basis of subjects/matters given by the teachers. Some of the paintings have been drawn by the students themselves as per their thinking.

Now nobody is preparing the old king’s time traditional paintings of Mysore, Thanjavur.From November onwards Tanjavur traditional model Chikani Chitrakala camp will be arranged, principal said.

Raghavendra K, Naveen G, Sandhyarani, Vijayalaxmi N, Janardhana Havanje, K.L.Bhat, are pouring water to the children’s talents.

Students like Ganesh,Girish,Prasad,Jilnaraj,Kiran,Prathviraj,Prashanth Acharya,Ranjit,Shilpa,Kaushik Hegde,Karthik Acharya,Sampath Kumar,Pavithra Nayak,Prarthana Prabhu,Akshatha,Harish,Kiran,Pavithrasi,Pavithra .K,Akshaya,Santhosh,Mahendra,Vanitha,Netravati,Santhosh-a total of 38 students have been exhibited their skill in colour.

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