Udupi: Reported a case of gold chain snatching by distracting the attention of woman

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Udupi; Sept 30: A gold chain snatching case has been reported at Padubidri on Sept 28, Saturday.

Sources said that  when Muthu Kundar,aged 70,a resident of Thenka Yermal village, near Thenka Yermal village Panchayat was walking towards her friend Lalitha’s house at around 16.30 pm,two unidentified men approached her as she was walking. One of the men told her that there was a commotion between Sharada teacher and the people of the area.

Meantime, another man, who was with the first one told her that we are from the police department and we suggest you to remove your chain and carry it in your hand and gave her a piece of paper to wrap the chain.

Believing their talk blindly, she removed her 3 pawn gold chain from the neck and was wrapping with the help of those men and continued her walk.

When she unwrapped the paper, after reaching her destination, to her utter dismay, she found stones and soil in the packet instead of her gold chain. Then she realized that she has been fooled by those men and chain has been snatched. The value of the snatched chain was estimated at Rs 20 thousand.

A case has been registered in the Padubidri police station and investigation is in progress.

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