UAE throw ball group to organizethe first ever TPL(Throw ball premier league) on 7th Feb 2020.

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UAE throw ball group live with the motto “The strength of the team is each individual member andthe strength of each member is the team”.The great thing about playing team sport is you win and lose together, and the pain is never as bad when you share it ?.
As the fire for premier leagues are all around, you will be witnessing the first ever TPL (Throw Ball Premier League) to be held in Dubai on 7thFebruary 2020.

UAEthrow ball group, is a community who has contributed enormously for the betterment of throw ball from past few decades in UAE.This is the first ever step to conduct a unique tournament called TPL which includes 6 Men and 6 women teams competing against each other. Teams are formed by mixing of players from the regular teams in UAE. The matches will be played as league cum knock out basis.

UAE throw ball group appeals for the generous support from each community to witness this amazing event, through significant contribution and active participation to make this event a success and memorable one.

The winners will be crowned as TPL champions 2020, runners up and other attractiveprizes will be awarded. There will be many attractions at the venue. Best individual players will be awarded in Men and Women category. More details will follow soon!

For any further information you can contact the below:
Sarvotham shetty -0506125464, Santosh Shetty- 0506593826, Alan Mendonca – 0506856067,
Jason Dcunha-0557982591, Ranjith Shetty- 0506457317, Doreen Alvares- 0506845019,
Kishore Shetty-0552560900, Vinod Shetty-0563219221, Shiva Shetty-0522118301
Lynel Monteiro-0556819855.

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