Udupi: Prevention of children sexual viciousness “Poxo act”; sexual offences and degree of punishments

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Udupi; Sept 26: Instances of sexual harassments are coming to light on daily basis. It is an illusion that in olden days there were no sexual harassments and now only it is being occurring. In olden days also the atrocities, offences, harassments were happening inside the houses but now it is being happening not only inside the house but also outside without concealment. It is not wrong to say that this is due to non -effectiveness of our judicial system.

Is it because of cinema influence or due to loss of  mental balance and may be due to no fear of law and punishments  and due to proudness and  cruel individuality, man by losing his sense exhibiting  his animal behavior. After Delhi’s gang-rape case, the young ladies are coming forward to place the incidents in front of the pople about the atrocities on them. But the degree of mental and physical torture has not come down a little. The memory of Manipal gang rape on medical student has not yet been subsidized, another case of sexual abuse on child, has put the people totally under delusion.

Culprits are being arrested as an accused, offenders but they are being released on bail and they again show their sleight of hand and behaving as if they have achieved something in life. The people also giving those criminals royal treatments and supporting for their crimes directly or indirectly. In the interest of children’s security, in 1989, November 20th, UNO has supported the children’s rights act. India in 1992, December 11 has signed children’s rights act

According to prevention of sexual viciousness on children (Poxo) act 2012:

1. An offender who commits sexual harassment, degree of punishment varies from 10 month sentence to lifetime imprisonment and fine.

2. Sexual abuse column No-11:-Whoever, the person who asks the child to touch his private parts or make the children to touch the body parts, will be treated as sexual abuse and punishment will range from 3 to 5 years in jail and penalty.

3. Sexual harassment-column 11 & 15:-In the intention of sex, if child is attracted through sound, indecent behavior, if the body is exposed, if child is being followed, if tried to contact the child directly or indirectly, if, the child is being threatened, those are considered a sexual offences. The punishment for those offenders will be three years in jail and fine

4. Using children for obscene, vulgar pictures-column No 13&15: Any person who uses children for blue film production, printing and published through website, will be considered as offence. For the production of obscene picture, if  anybody involves in sexual act directly ,that will be treated as squeeze offence, for that related punishment will be awarded and those who collects equipments for the production of vulgar pictures will also awarded punishment under this act.

Those who are on ownership of these offences or children’s guardians commit this act or any family members doing this act are liable for higher degree of punishments. Those who encourage, support and help, all will become offenders. After knowing the offence, those who have not reported will be treated as guilt. These people have to undergo 50% of the total punishment awarded to the people who have committed the crime directly.

For the prevention of Sexual viciousness on children, sexual torture, and obscene picture exhibition’Poxo act’ has been implemented. Special courts have been formed for the inquiry of these incidents.

According to Poxo act sexual offences and punishments:-

Column No 3: Copulation sexual offence

Column No 5: Those who are in power, copulation in domination sexual viciousness

Column No.7: sexual harassment

Column No .9 : Any individual due to powers influence

Column No.11: Sexual viciousness

Column No 13: Utilization of children for obscene pictures

Column No.15 : Collection of vulgur,obscene pictures

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