Demystification of Miracles by Narendra Nayak

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Mangalore, Sep 25: The auditorium of St. Agnes College was filled with curious students to see the miracles like lamp give lights by water, magic of golden chain and walking on the nail on September 24.



 These some of jhalak’s showed by Narendra Nayak. The programme was organizes by NSS unit of the college. Through this programme he made the demystification of miracles. He enacted the miracle of Amritanandamayi, how she illuminate lamp by water.



He said that if we dip the burner in the candle then it will give light by water also. And he also said that if we walk on the bundle of nail we dint get hurt because, it is equal to our body weight.



Discussing about the miracles of Sai Baba he said that if put plastic finger to our finger then will take the chains, rupees like baba do. Walking on the living coal also not dangerous.  Because the people stepped into the coal for a second. This is not a miracle he said.  



The Christians thinks that they get relief from every problem through prayer, then why they go to hospitals. Ravishankar says that through art of living we get rid from all the decease, then why he gone to hospital for sarvical spondilosis surgery he asked.



Narendra warned the students to be aware from the swami, and baba’s who make the miracles by cheating the people.

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