Udupi: ’Shikshaka-Shikshana Sapthaha-2013’ -Awareness programme

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Udupi;Sept 21: Addressing the press  reporters in the meet held on Sept 21,Saturday,at Pathrika Bhavan,Renny D’Souza,director of Padi velored said in his address that today quality education is up to the teachers and whether it can be possible to  the teachers or not ? He questions.

All the children in the country, that too for socially and economically backward students, in view of guarantee the quality education in the lives of children, though a significant free and compulsory education act-2009 has been enacted, the question here is whether teachers are capable of imparting quality education to the students or not? And whether that atmosphere is there or not in the institutions?

Definitely if you look at those things, many questions will crop up. Mainly along with receiving education, one must understand the standard, quality, value of the education that should benefit in the lives of the students and should help them to lead respectable life. In this context some ordinance should be enacted from the school level, he suggested.


He further said that though some steps have been undertaken to give good and quality education in school and class wise, at this stage, the teachers problems also should be studied, what are their questions, hurdles, problems, favourable arrangements and suggestions from them for the improvement of their comforts while providing quality and standard education. In classes, what is the standard of education? Only announcements, false promises are there. But in reality, there is no sign of standard, quality and equality.

He also said that there are many instances where young female students are falling prey to sexual abuse, harassment. Though, in view of preventing sexual harassment, law has been enacted in 2012, still sexual abuse, harassments are continuing in many places. In this context at school, there is a need of creating awareness amongst teachers and parents, he added

Though government has enacted a law for free and compulsory education, in our district single teacher school, re-admitting the students, who have left the school in between, scarcity of basic facilities like play ground, school compound wall, pure drinking water and mainly a separate toilets for boys and girls and maintenance of the toilets, these are all, the questions, responsibilities of the teaching staff.

In view of providing nourished food government has implemented Ksheera yojane programme, the responsibility of taking care of the same has been given to teachers, and this should not be a burden for them.

Janardhan Bhandarkar,President,Central human resources,Ganapati Shreeyan,Kundapur taluk president,Shiv Prasad Shetty,Mallika B Poojary and among others were present.

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