NAMO Brigade Commences in Mangalore to Reap Mangalore Support

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Mangalore, Sep16 : The NAMO brigade opens a office in Mangalore ,today . In order to reap utmost support of mangaloreans towards the PM nominee and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

The lamp was lit by Retired Brigadier of Indian Army ,I.N Rai , patriotist Mattaru  Kini and well-known columnist Chakravarthi Sulibele durning the inaugration ceremony of the office.

While addressing the gathering  ,Mr. Sulibele said,” Forty-five branches of Namo brigade have already been opened and thousands of youth are joining the brigade across party lines.  Namo brigade is started with the only aim and hope of having Narendra Modi as our next Prime Minister,” and concluded with stating that the working of the party aims on the unity of the country without any discrimination.

“Corruption in our country has reached its peak and youth should join hands with organizations that want to destroy corruption.  I am confident that Modi will be our next Prime Minister,” said I N Rai, retired brigadier in his address.

Mr.Kini narrated a few incidents from his exprience of a freedom fighter and mentioned that, “My desire is that leaders like Narendra Modi should lead the country.”

The miss call system has been intiated by NAMO. Under this supports will give miss calls and register themselves.  1,82,000 members have already registered.Namo also has promised for the progress of the youth. 4 to 5 messages are beening sent so that everyone is informed about the activities of the party.

Convenor of Namo Brigade Karnataka, Naresh Shenoy, Mangalore’s Pramod Rai and Gopalakrishna Bhat were present for the inaugration.

By: Anjum Sheikh.


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