Mangalore: NMPT hoists National Flag Upside Down.

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Mangalore, Sep 16: A blunder which offended the National Flag . The officials of The New Mangalore Port Trust were ashamed when it was brought to notice that the National Flag was hoisted up side dowm.



The Flag was hoisted wrongly on saturday, Sep 14. And was corrected only in the noon. No official of NMPT or CRPF notice this error.

This error was brought to notice to NMPT officials by a national media channel report ,a passer by noticed the blunder.

He also called Panambur police inspector Cheluvaraj to investigate the matter.The error was corrected and the flag was re-hoisted by NMPT officials in the presence of the gathered people.

CRPF officials of NMPT then hoisted the flag again in the correct manner in the presence of the people who had gathered.

By: Anjum Sheikh

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