Lower section human rights voilated

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Mangalore,sep.15 : Human rights activists lamented that human rights are violated constantly among the lower sections of the society even as netas are not bothered about the poor.

At an interaction programme held under the aegis People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) Mangalore unit, the organisation’s national president Prabhakar Sinha said that denial of human rights is violation of law. “We have a democratic government of the people by the people, but it is not for the people. We have formal democracy in India, but our country is being ruled by a few rich people. Handful of capitalists exploit the resources of the country for their own benefit,” he said.

On Indian laws related to prevention anti-terrorism, Sinha noted that the British rules the nation follow needs to be amended. “It is not possible to curb terrorism with stringent laws. The government should provide a humane atmosphere of love for those who rise against the nation,” he added.

PUCL national general secretary V Suresh said that India is a nation of netas and not janatha. “Leaders, irrespective of their political affiliation, eat, plunder and loot nation’s resources. However, they are honoured in the society. Those who fight for human rights and safe environment are booked under sedition law. However, it is unfortunate that those netas, who are involved in various multi-crore scams are never punished,” he said.

Comparing the political scenario of present and past, Suresh said that no political party is concerned about the human rights violations. “People are automised, divided and have no will to take a stand of their own,” he added.

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