Indirectly Congress supports to JD(S): Monappa Bhandary alleges

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Mangalore, September 7: After 6 of the local city election of the state, government has given the notification for Mayor and Deputy Mayor Work. But, election is not conducted in the Mangalore. From 6 month rather than democracy system, aristocracy system is running the MCC and no one is there to hear the public related works. Hence, people are facing problem.

Mangalore City Corporation Mayor BCA women and Deputy Mayor Scheduled cast women rules has come in 2012- 13. This time 2013-14, common women and deputy mayor position has come in the favour of common category reservation. But JD(S) member Abdul Azeez has put ‘ritt’ in the high court against the direction of government, which caused to stay order for Mayor and deputy mayor election.

While checking this action, it came to known as expected candidate from Congress has put JD(S) member’s ritt application instead of him. Congress leader don’t want a women Mayor, hence they used JD(S) member as their coin and they have showed injustice to Mangalore people.

 He asked that without the play of Congress, what kind of necessity JD(S) members had put ritt in the high court and he also opined that this action shows Congress hidden hand in this case. Hence through this way, congress people playing a drama in the background of the screen, Monappa Bhandary said.

By: sathish Kapikad

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