Kundapur: SMS to claim lottery amount lead Kundapur lady to mortgage her Mangalasutra to settle mobile re-charge bill

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Kundapur; Sept 05: What a crazy people are!! In spite of so many awareness, publicity and warnings from the police, people still are falling prey to fake SMS messages to claim their winning lottery money and making their life miserable thereafter. This is nothing but a pure lust, greed for money. There should be a limit for everything, whether it is money, property or any other things in our life. As the word goes “too much is too bad” one should not crave too much for anything. Once that curiosity, anxiety or you can say the greed or lust, crosses its boundary, then it is it, victim has to pay the dividend for his/her own mistakes, blunder. But people still do not realize their cowardliness. What a sorry episode it is!!

This is what happened to one lady from Kundapur, who has received one SMS message on Sept 04, Wednesday after noon, claiming that her mobile number won one lakh rupees in the draw and by giving one mobile number, she was asked to re- charge that number by paying Rs 1300 to claim the amount, she did so. Again after some time one more number came, asking her to re-charge with same amount to this number. One more number with the message that you are in the final stage of claiming the amount. Hoping big, she re-charged several times with the same amount to different mobile numbers.

When she received few numbers more to re-charge, mobile shop owner alerted her saying that you have already re-charged to the tune of Rs 36000 and insisted for the money. Then she instructed mobile shop owner to stop re-charging. Realizing her blunder, she committed, she was taken aback and in utter shock of disappointment. Without any other option, she had to mortgage her mangalasutra for settling mobile shop owner’s money of mobile re-charging. What a stupidity it is !!

It is understood that police complaint has not been lodged yet in this regard. However in the whole drama, the greed, lust for money not only cost her Rs 36,000 but she had to mortgage her mangalasutra for settling mobile re-charging bill.

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