Innumerable cases of illegal cow transportation & slaughter reported; When is an end to this menace?

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Karavali - cow1

Kundapur; Sept 03 : Government has back tracked in the implementation of cow slaughtering prohibition act on the ground that everybody should get the right of getting food. Since there is no provision for stringent law, most of the cows, whom we are worshipping, adoring as god, deity are being clandestinely transported to abattoirs. As the numbers of instances of illegal transportation and thefts of the animals have been increased, all the cowherds are in a state of apprehension. Instances have come to light that from the remote villages and border of Kundapur, animals are being brought and unite together and being transported illegally to places like Kerala, Kasaragod and Goa without any valid permit.

Karavali - cow

As the state government has withdrawn the cow slaughtering prohibition act, number of instances of  illegal transportation  and thefts of the animals particularly cows has been multiplied across the Undivided Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts. Now it has been suspected that there is a big well organized racket is going on behind this illegal activity of transporting animals illegally.


During broad day light some of the miscreants are visiting and identifying and note down the places of cows and in the night either from the house or cowsheds, the cows are being secretly taken away without any noise or sound. As a result of this evil act hundreds of cows are being sacrificed.


The way how these cows are being transported by the miscreants by tying the legs and dumping inside the vehicles is really heart-wrenching scene. A suffering of the animals, yelling cries with pain, when they are being transported is another heart-broken scene. In the beginning these thieves used to steal from the cow sheds but now they are targeting mainly Goshaalas and changed their tactics and being stolen secretly, directly from the Goshalas by unknown people. Greed of the people for money, do not even spare male calves, those have been offered to god

Incidents are being reported everywhere: In one of the cases, two-three months before 4-5 unknown people posed as tourists in the early hours of morning, took 4-5 calves from prime Shraddha Kendra at Aanegudde in Kundapur taluk by showing sword at security guard in a pick-up they brought. Thereafter in the same manner one more case of similar type has been reported at Neralakatte temple. Last Friday in Brahmavar two buffaloes along with vehicle, used to collect cows from different parts of Kundapur taluk near Hattangadi and were supposed to transport to Kerala have been foiled by Kundapur police by catching 20 buffaloes and lorry and arrested two people in this connection and in Macchettu village near Thombottu, male calves were being transported in vehicle, Amavasyebail police have nabbed four people along with vehicle. In between at Sasthana four people have been arrested and case has been registered in this regard. As the menace of cow thefts and illegal transportation has been increased, the people of Bhatkal, Byndoor are in state of panic and are frightened.


Let bridle be applied: The cases of cow thefts, illegal transportation is being reported almost regularly across the taluk.There are many instances where the accuses have been escaped from the hands of police as the enquiry was going on. The moment police get information within their jurisdiction of their check-post, police will raid the place.

In this month only, in places  such as Byndoor,Gangolli,Shankarnarayan,Amavasyebail,Kundapur,Kota,complaint has been lodged in Brahmavar with regard to illegal transportation, Karnataka cow slaughtering and impending, animal cruelty preventive act, animal pariveekshana act etc have been registered. If we take cognizance of all these activities, there is no doubt that some sort of well organized racket is taking place meticulously by some scrupulous people and greed for money even local residents have been lured to join hands with them in the trading of cows.

With regard to these illegal activities police department has to conduct an enquiry and there is the need for increasing night patrol. To wipe the tears from the eyes of Gomaatha and to prevent cow theft harassment, Bajrang Dal and Hindu yuva sena have become active again. Residents, who are fed up with nuisance of cow theft and illegal transportation, are urging and pressurizing the government to implement the cow slaughtering ban act immediately to escape from the menace of cow theft and illegal transportation.

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