Dubai’s gold-for-pounds weight loss program : Final weigh-in today

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Dubai’s gold-for-pounds weight loss program

For more than 10,000 participants who signed up for the ‘Your weight in gold’ campaign, the final stage in their month-long effort to shed those extra kilos gets underway today.

A recording of final weights of participants will take place at one of five locations across the emirate – Safa Park, Zabeel Park, the Mamzar track, Khawaneej Park and Al Barsha Park.

“We are extremely thankful to participants who are taking this health move wider,” stated Mohamed Al Noori, Director, Corporate Marketing and Relations Department at Dubai Municipality.

“It is not just about winning gold coins, rather it should be a grand effort to switch our life to better styles that match a sustainable civilisation.”
Commenting on the success of the campaign, Ahmed bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC, said, “DMCC strongly believes that an active lifestyle means a better quality of life.

“Our contribution of Dh100,000 worth of gold coins has motivated hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds and age groups to take part in the initiative.

“We hope everyone will continue to adopt a healthier way of life following the competition.”

People in charge of sites at the five weight-check points have already reported that many participants have successfully reduced their weight.

The gold rewards, however, will not be announced immediately.

Once the five-day weight-check exercise is completed, Dubai Municipality will announce the list of winners and their rewards.

“With more than10,000 entries, it is going to take time to calculate who has lost how much,” revealed our source.

“All the data will be collected and the officials will list out the winners and their rewards.”

After the campaign gained momentum, Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality announced a revised gold reward scheme.

He added that participants will get 2gms of gold for every kilo lost after the 5-kg mark and 3gms of gold for every kilo lost after the 10-kg mark.

Those losing less than 5-kilos will be rewarded with 1gm of gold for every kilo lost.

Participants must lose a minimum of 2-kilos to win gold rewards.

And, the top three winners will get a gold coin worth Dh20,000.

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